Findings reveal 84% of companies in the Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) region that invest in a CDP meet marketing objectives at a rate x3 higher than non-CDP users. Companies with a CDP are also better positioned to navigate market uncertainty.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | 1 February 2023 Tealium, the largest independent and most trusted customer data platform (CDP), launched its fourth annual State of the CDP report, comprising a global survey of 1,200 IT, operations, marketing, and data and analytics leaders across industries; including, financial services, retail, healthcare, media, telecommunications, government and more.

‘This year’s survey told us a lot about the performance of organisations that have adopted CDPs in contrast to those that have not,’ said Heidi Bullock, CMO at Tealium. ‘Those with a CDP have been able to achieve significantly more and remain more nimble with access to real-time, data-based insights, despite today’s market uncertainty.’

Marie-Louise Dalton, VP of Marketing, APJ at Tealium, elaborates, ‘The report’s findings indicate that organisations in the Asia-Pacific and Japan region with a CDP demonstrate remarkable marketing performance at a rate three times higher than non-CDP users. Amid economic uncertainty, a CDP provides vital capabilities that unlock sustainable growth through harnessing data in a privacy compliant way. The evidence is clear – a CDP is central to commercial performance for the organisation of the future.’

This year’s report found that satisfaction in meeting marketing objectives is more than three times higher (84%) for CDP users than non-CDP users (27%) in the APJ region. Additionally, 85% of CDP users were satisfied in their ability to create more relevant and personalised customer experiences using data. The top reasons for APJ organisations to adopt a CDP in 2022 were customer acquisition, audience segmentation and personalisation at scale. The fourth edition of the annual report also revealed:

  • Businesses in the APJ region will continue to zero in on privacy compliance: 93% of seasoned CDP users in the APJ region are confident in the tool’s ability to support privacy compliance. The same proportion (93%) of tenured APJ CDP users indicate readiness in adapting to new and evolving data privacy regulations. With third-party cookie deprecation, signal loss and strengthening global data privacy laws, businesses also reported a stronger focus on first-party data and identity data strategies.
  • Despite market uncertainty, marketing budgets are expected to increase: In 2022, 65% of CDP users in the APJ region increased year-over-year (YoY) marketing investment in a first-party data strategy. More tenured CDP users reported the largest overall increase in marketing spend, suggesting a greater ability to accurately forecast spending and ROI. Specifically, seasoned APJ CDP users reported marketing investment at more than double the rate of non-CDP users.
  • CDPs are proven to get better with time: 71% of APJ organisations with a CDP saw return on investment (ROI) within the first year of usage, with 90% of organisations achieving ROI within 18 months or less. The report also showed the use of expansive data sources by CDP users, offering more opportunities to enhance the customer experience at every touchpoint. Importantly, the report revealed that organisations in the APJ region primarily adopted a CDP to scale growth by realising the economic value of data through enhanced customer experiences that build loyalty and lifetime value. 

Customer-Centricity Remains Key to Data-Driven Growth

From creating memorable experiences to improving operational efficiency, the customer remains at the heart of any business. That means the need to better manage customer data is now critical. In the APJ region, organisations utilising a CDP have reported outperforming those that do not, and are continuing to prioritise a hyper-focus on growth and retention. Having a greater ability through CDP adoption to predict marketing spend, ramp up customer-centric objectives and remain agile will be vital to surviving and thriving amid macroeconomic headwinds. To read the full report, download the fourth annual State of the CDP.

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