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Everest Group Names Tealium a CDP Leader in its New PEAK Matrix® Report

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Everest Group’s CDP PEAK Matrix evaluated a wide swath of the market, noting “Government regulations regarding privacy, the impending demise of third-party cookies, and the increasing demand for personalized experiences have propelled the widespread adoption of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs).”

The report names Tealium one of six CDP Leaders and the only one with a strong focus on data collection and activation.

“This achievement is attributed to Tealium’s exceptional technological prowess, extensive range of tools and solutions, and its strong roadmap for innovation. Additionally, Tealium’s strategic partnerships with technology and system integration firms, along with its global footprint across diverse industries, have further solidified its position in the market.” – Everest Group Practice Director, Nisha Krishan [within the Information Technology Services group]

Download the report to discover how Tealium is rated, including:

  • Only leading independent CDP focused on data collection and activation
  • Highest ratings possible for "Portfolio Mix" and "Vision and Strategy" reflecting our innovative approach and past performance
  • Best rating of any leader for "Engagement and Commercial Model" and "Investment and Support"
  • Report highlights Tealium's focus on data management, largest independent vendor status, strong roadmap, and strong partner landscape