Case Study

Fingerhut Thrives in a Disruptive Industry

Fingerhut Case Study


The Retail ecosystem today looks nothing like it did two years ago. Digital transformation and changing shopper behavior brought on disruption the industry had never seen. Fingerhut needed a way to provide a consistent, personalized journey that their customers had come to expect, before they abandoned the brands for their formidable competitors.


Fingerhut used First-Party data to connect with their customers in new ways and improve their overall experiences. Fingerhut delivered unique 1:1 customer experiences, enabling real-time communication and unlocking new customer insights, ultimately driving the results they needed.


After onboarding Tealium’s CDP, Fingerhut’s business transformed and they saw a 450% lift in revenue from converting abandoned carts, as well as a 9% increase in their rebuyer response rate.

“We’ve been talking for years about sending the right message at the right time. Today, it’s also about the right channel and the right placement. It gets highly complex and you need a tool like Tealium’s CDP to deliver that without a huge lift from your teams.”
– Ben Thompson Director, eCommerce Analytics & Tag Management, Fingerhut Brands

FingerHut (formerly known as BlueStem) Brands, the biggest catalog retailer in the world, needed a way to integrate its fragmented digital ecosystem to deliver a customized and unified experience across the brand. They needed to build an Omni-Channel strategy to consolidate and migrate data server-side.

Fingerhut looked to Tealium’s CDP to compete in today’s advanced shopping environment. With their CDP at the center of Fingerhut’s dayto-day operations, Fingerhut is able to provide a more personalized oneto-one customer experience. Fingerhut has increased its engagement and rebuyer response rate while expanding its marketing initiatives to incorporate offline content and touchpoints.

Having a CDP allowed Fingerhut to be more agile in its marketing strategy and more easily test new campaigns based on what is relevant to its customers. Since implementing Tealium’s CDP, Fingerhut saw a 450% increase in lift revenue on cart abandonment and an incremental 9% increase in rebuyer response rate.

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