Case Study

Forever Companies Gains Competitive Advantage with High Value Customer Segmentation

Forever Companies Case Study


Forever Companies knew that in order to succeed in a landscape of jeweler giants, they had to offer the best customer experiences in the industry.


Forever Companies identified a high value customer segment and uniquely personalized their experiences online to drive revenue, increase ROAS and stay competitive in the category.


With this audience segmentation enhancement, Forever Companies generated an incremental $800k in revenue.

“With Tealium, we’ve uncovered insights like people who add to cart are significantly more likely to purchase than people who sign up for our email. We would never know these types of insights without Tealium, but this knowledge now trickles throughout the entirety of our marketing program.”
– Josh Averbeck, Director of Digital Marketing and eCommerce

Personalized experiences to the right audiences is key for outsmarting the competition

As a fine jewelry company, Forever Companies established themselves as a less expensive alternative to mined diamonds. They began with diamond simulants and progressed into lab grown diamonds, but needed a way to stand out in a crowded market dominated by historical giants known in every American household. In the fine jewelry industry, a customer experience that leaves a lasting impression and attracts life-time customers is essential.

Forever Companies wanted to increase the efficiency of their data management and collection in order to:

  • Determine who is a high value customer
  • Learn about customer preferences while expanding their knowledge base
  • Measure the customer life cycle value
  • Provide shopping recommendations based on the customer’s previous purchases and viewing history

When Forever Companies runs a test, that data flows into Tealium CDP for analysis, forecasting future outcomes, and marketing campaign optimization. Forever Companies has improved their ability to drive revenue, increase ROI and easily activate high value audience segments on various advertising platforms.

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