Case Study

Global Healthcare Company Pioneers Next Generation Engagement

With nearly 100 brands across the globe, this international healthcare company needed a solution to master omnichannel personalization.



International pharmaceutical company needed to drive growth while simplifying their complex operating model across ~100 brands on a global scale.


They onboarded a CDP to create more timely and personalized experiences for healthcare professionals (HCP) and patients, achieving both growth and efficiency.


Online, the brand portfolio saw a 14% lift in open rates, a 38% drop in website bounce rates, and a 143% increase in on-site engagement.

As both healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients seek important information that can help them in their respective awareness and treatment options journey, it is critical to ensure the right message is delivered to the right person, at the right time. Beyond relevant information, it’s also critical to know the audiences’ preferred channels of communication.

This global healthcare company sought out to efficiently manage this process across various markets, brands, agencies, and technologies so they could:

  • Remove silos and centralize how they managed analytics tagging and data flow from their digital properties
  • Optimize return on advertising spend (ROAS) by targeting visitors with relevant and timely messaging (or suppress ad spend where appropriate)
  • Maintain global governance across a common data layer to reduce risk
  • Provide on-demand health care professional (HCP) persona information for their sales reps
  • Increase engagement with new patients through social channels to attain stronger customer loyalty

Before a CDP, we had various agencies managing our digital properties differently, including coding things differently, leading to inconsistencies across our analytics and data flow. As we embarked on tackling our next generation engagement and personalizing our messaging within each target audience, the lack of a CDP came into the picture and the technology became not just a tool, but a part of enabling our vision.
– Marketing Leader at a Global healthcare company

Tackling an organizational shift to onboard technology for their current needs and future vision.

This global healthcare company needed an organizational shift to create personalized experiences across a complex landscape.

Their main goals included:

Simplify the operating model to reduce operational complexity and gain efficiencies
Create more personalization within their brands to boost registrations and conversions among health care professionals
Improve HCP and patient experiences and increase likelihood to convert while prioritizing trust
Drive business impact through intelligent, data-driven decisions and execution

Their ability to collaborate and create quantifiable use cases was the difference maker when selecting a CDP. These use cases included data-driven personalization and activation, real time audiences, better data governance, and vendor flexibility that integrated with the rest of the company’s martech stack. These solutions would address their current needs, as well as prepare for third party cookie loss.

In their first pilot, they built audiences for HCP personas that were coming onto the website, tracking their online behavior to then send these contacts targeted emails. They experienced an immediate 14% lift in their open rate, from 17% up to 32%.

The global healthcare company then launched their second pilot where they dynamically changed the search bar on their website to be customized for the persona. This led to a 66% improvement in visitors clicking on the search bar and a 143% increase in search bar utilization.

Ultimately, this use case drove a 38% decrease in bounce rate on their website and a 32% increase in page views. This pilot allowed the company to move prospects further along the customer journey and boost engagement to power gains in overall results.

Overall, this global healthcare company saw improvements through:

This pharma company has created more than 150 individual Use Cases and over 30 prioritized call to action “journeys” since the implementation of their CDP.

  • Increased revenue by aligning marketing strategies to business insights derived by their 1st party data
  • Increased response, conversions and LTV through relevant, timely messaging to their customers
  • Increased operational efficiencies and reduced IT efforts by eliminating the burden of implementing and maintaining partner integrations

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