Case Study

How Lion shifted their tech stack towards a disposable architecture enabled by Tealium CDP


Lion is a leading Australasian beverage company, with a portfolio of brands such as XXXX, James Squire, Furphy and Steinlager, among many others. With legacy systems and data accumulated over a 10-year period, the brand sought to embark upon an ambitious digital transformation journey that would encompass the entire business – from marketing to the supply chain and all traditional business units.


Lion’s CX and digital agency, AFFINITY, put the building blocks in place for their digital transformation. With Tealium CDP at the heart of their digital transformation journey, Lion transitioned from a tech-heavy approach to adopting lightweight disposable tech that would engender greater agility and speed built upon the CDP.


With Tealium’s versatile CDP, Lion rationalised their tech stack and attained operational excellence amid macroeconomic uncertainty. In turn, this empowered the brand to future-proof its CX strategy to remain competitive and compliant in a hyper-dynamic market.

Achieving Operational Excellence via Data-Driven Digital Transformation

As a leading Australasian B2B beverage company, Lion’s customers span liquor retailers, pubs and bars. The beverage company’s objective was to harness data-driven insights to empower their marketing teams and customers to deliver optimal CX via a consolidated and trusted data source. Data quality was essential to informing consumer strategies during peak sales periods; such as, Christmas and New Year, key sporting highlights (e.g. State of Origin) and many other high-volume events. Lion was acutely aware that as their data use grew, they needed the strategy and technology to yield ever-increasing consumer insights that would empower the B2B2C model of the future.

Lion’s CX and digital agency, AFFINITY, helped the company overcome siloed data sources and legacy data accumulated over a 10-year period. This prudent measure minimised cybersecurity risks, whilst establishing a trusted data foundation from which to maximise the ROI of CDP adoption.

With Tealium CDP at the heart of their digital transformation, Lion transitioned from a tech-heavy approach to adopting lightweight disposable tech that would engender greater agility and speed. Impressively, Lion and AFFINITY continued to activate digital campaigns even while onboarding Tealium’s versatile and scalable CDP. This approach accelerated operational efficiency, and forged the roadmap for future CDP usage tailored to the specific needs of Lion’s brands and their customers. In turn, Lion could rationalise its tech stack and attain operational excellence amid macroeconomic uncertainty. Consequently, the brand future-proofed its CX strategy to continually evolve in a hyper-dynamic market.

We’ve adopted Tealium as the technology that sits at the heart of our data strategy – enabling data gathering and data storage, right through to real-time insights analyses and audience activation. This has empowered a revolutionary view of the role of technology within the business to engender operational excellence. Complemented by AFFINITY’s CX and digital expertise, Lion has successfully digitally transformed into a future-ready enterprise.

Paul Quinn

Head of MarTech, Lion

As an award-winning digital agency, AFFINITY sought to provide strategic insights that would elevate Lion’s digital transformation roadmap to accelerate business outcomes. In a heightened cyber threat environment, AFFINITY’s integral support in data consolidation and data cleansing mitigated risk and established a robust data foundation for CDP performance. In turn, Lion maximised the value of CDP adoption and built a future-ready CX strategy to remain competitive in a hyper-dynamic market.

Rob Mills

Head of Digital, AFFINITY

Building a Privacy-Enabled Data-Driven Enterprise

The success of the Lion x Tealium x AFFINITY collaboration was exemplified in the beverage company’s transformation into a privacy-enabled data-driven enterprise.

Revolutionising how Lion collects, analyses and uses data has reorientated the business to drive ongoing CDP effectiveness; for example, through reskilling its workforce to build an enduring data culture. As the CDP gains greater prominence within Lion’s operational framework, internal stakeholder conversations are shifting to predominantly focus on audiences, data attributes and user journeys.

As global privacy laws evolve, Lion also sought to mitigate risk and protect the integrity of its newly implemented data infrastructure. Tealium CDP uniquely enables Lion’s capacity to achieve privacy-first value realisation across the data supply chain, whilst empowering its customers with greater choice and control regarding data management – both now and into the future.

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