Case Study

How Lovepop creates magical moments across new channels and customers with ease

Discover how Lovepop used Tealium to build a strong foundation for customer acquisition.


As Lovepop got ready to reinvent their customer engagement and acquisition strategy, they needed a real-time data foundation so they could show customers the right message at the right time across key channels.


Is there a magic solution for driving more growth through acquisition? We think so. Lovepop deployed Tealium to be able to leverage complete and up-to-date customer data that ultimately would inform winning customer experiences and convert more customers.

“We’ve been able to more than double the amount of retargeting emails we can send to customers through improved user matching. These incremental customers are as good of quality as we had previously been sending retargeting emails to, but now we’re sending emails to non-authenticated users, and the unit economics are just as good.”  Jake Marston, Director of Performance Marketing


With Tealium, Lovepop was able to more effectively manage their martech, break down data silos, discover audiences and activate them across marketing channels. This ultimately resulted in Lovepop being able to get their engineering hours back, improve customer insights and double their retargeting audiences to drive new campaigns and revenues.

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