Case Study

Kmart and Tealium put consent first to tackle the personalisation-privacy paradox


Amid evolving data privacy regulations and increasing consumer demand for personalisation, Kmart sought to grant customers full control over their data, with a centralised consent management solution that enables compliant, personalised experience activation across all channels.


Tealium uniquely enabled Kmart to develop an innovative centralised consent management solution that unifies a customer’s real-time consent status under a single customer profile. Kmart’s centralised consent management solution resolved the issue of data fragmentation to unleash unlimited possibilities in the real-time cross-channel customer experience (CX). With a Tealium-enabled centralised consent management solution, Kmart enlisted Deloitte Digital to provide specialist consulting that accelerated data-driven CX innovation and impact, with purpose and precision. Combining Tealium’s solutions with Deloitte Digital’s specialist consulting established an innovation powerhouse that accelerated the time to market of Kmart’s bespoke centralised consent management model.


Privacy by design unlocked the power of trust to build Kmart’s personalisation engine. As the world’s most trusted CDP, Tealium made data readily accessible and actionable, speeding up operations, saving costs and supporting growth, as well as making it easier to navigate compliance requirements. The result was an astounding 200% increase in Kmart’s consenting customer base; in turn, substantially enhancing audience quality for improved relevance and conversions.

Consent management is essential to the organisation of the future. With Tealium, Kmart has consolidated company-wide consent streams to deliver privacy-first customer experiences at every touchpoint. We believe this approach has future-proofed our business to remain compliant in an evolving regulatory landscape.

Photi Orfanidis

Architect, Marketing & Loyalty Technologies — Kmart Group Australia

We live in a world where martech capabilities have rapidly grown to enable unlimited possibilities in personalisation. Yet, the only person truly qualified to validate our personalisation efforts is the customer. Deloitte Digital, Kmart and Tealium partnered to create a consent management solution built on Tealium’s highly scalable CDP. Our goal was to give control over data-driven personalisation to its rightful owner, the consumer.

Dr Frederik De Keukelaere

Principal — Deloitte Digital

A first-to-market solution that puts consent at the heart of the customer experience

The volume of data at marketers’ disposal is growing exponentially, and consumers have come to expect a fully personalised experience that recognises them as individuals. In the ‘Internet of Everything’ era, consumers make no distinction between their online and offline lives, and do not expect companies to either. In parallel, evolving data privacy regulations, including the Consumer Data Right (CDR), necessitate a privacy-first approach to customer experience.

Kmart used Tealium as the foundation to build a first-to-market centralised consent management solution, positioning itself to adapt to future market challenges and gain a competitive edge. Kmart leveraged Tealium CDP to unify customers’ consent status across all touchpoints, incorporating more than 90 business and technical rules and 33 user flows. Consent has become an internal service, with data democratised across the organisation and all third-party technologies via a centralised Consent Centre. Crucially, while the backend system is complex, the resulting product is simple and easy to use for staff, vendors and consumers alike.

Tealium’s Customer Data Hub and IQ Tag Management system enabled an intuitive and responsive customer experience. The solution was built on two components: unauthenticated cookie consent data and authenticated consent data. This increased transparency by allowing Kmart website visitors to manage their cookie data, and Kmart account holders to choose whether personally identifiable information is used in a trusted value exchange. Kmart adopted a proprietary four-state logic system to resolve consent, whereby an express ‘yes’ or ‘no’ overwrites inferred or soft values. The system gives customers full control over the way their data is used and the level of real-time personalisation they receive across the retailer’s channels.

Facing the future with transparency and agility

Putting privacy principles first has empowered Kmart to provide its customers with the experiences that they truly want. With Tealium as the foundation of its technology stack, the retailer is future-ready and agile. Centralising customer consent from multiple sources has helped Kmart to establish a unified view of its first, second and third-party data streams from multichannel activations. Kmart is now more transparent with its customers regarding how it tracks their data, whilst restoring full control of that data to customers. As compliance and customer requirements become more complex, Kmart’s future-ready centralised consent management solution extends beyond simply checking a box: it is what will drive competitive advantage in the privacy-first global data economy.

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