Case Study

How Lefebvre Dalloz revamps data collection and tag management to meet new data consent requirements


To replace a patchwork of “home-made” tag collection tools across its web pages with a more efficient solution in time to comply with incoming regulations.

Lefebvre Dalloz supports clients across the legal sector and other highly regulated industries with high-added-value services, including publishing, training, and software solutions. As the European leader in legal, tax, and compliance knowledge, data privacy is always front of mind. Despite this, a number of “home-made” tools were in place across Lefebvre Dalloz’s websites in 2020, which made tag management inefficient. 

With new recommendations on the horizon, Lefebvre Dalloz had just three months to update its cookie consent tools and processes to comply with new guidelines from the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique & Libertés). 


With Tealium, Lefebvre Dalloz has created one agnostic layer to streamline website visitor data collection, enable efficient tagging and comply with new guidelines on cookie consent.

To do this, Lefebvre Dalloz worked with Tealium to replace the patchwork of inefficient, soon-to-be non-compliant tools in record time, while also streamlining website visitor data collection and tagging to increase qualified leads across its websites.

Lefebvre Dalloz first worked with Tealium in 2018 – deploying Tealium’s iQ tag management system to create one agnostic layer across its various websites which could gather the data collected by different tools. Lefebvre Dalloz then built on this by deploying Tealium’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) and opting to integrate it with Didomi’s Consent Management Platform (CMP).

“Lefebvre Dalloz takes data regulation and user consent very seriously. To uphold our exacting standards around data compliance and meet new French guidelines on cookie consent, we needed to work swiftly to transform our data collection and consent tools across numerous websites. Working with Tealium enabled us to replace the previous patchwork of tag management tools in record time, while simultaneously improving our data management system so we can make the most of the data our clients share with us.”  Jean-Marie Noble, Head of E-Commerce and Acquisition, Lefebvre Dalloz


Lefebvre Dalloz transformed data collection and cookie consent across more than 60 websites within just three months to ensure compliance with new requirements from the French data protection authority.

Easy integration between both systems made it simple for Lefebvre Dalloz to centralise customer data from all sources, unify that data into one comprehensive view of the customer, and make that data available to other systems.

Importantly, Lefebvre Dalloz was also able to ensure compliance with broader data regulation and more specifically, the new cookie consent guidelines in France. By swapping the “home-made” tools for a CDP and CMP that work together smoothly, Lefebvre Dalloz transformed its data collection and cookie consent across 65 websites within just three months – ensuring quick compliance with the CNIL’s new guidelines in time for the deadline.

“Now we’re fully compliant with cookie consent guidance in France, and able to use first-party data more effectively. This swift turnaround was only possible through the strong support we received from Tealium and Didomi, as well as the easy integration between the two systems. That support and simple integration turned what could have been an onerous task into a pain-free and quick implementation.”  Jean-Marie Noble, Head of E-Commerce and Acquisition, Lefebvre Dalloz

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