Case Study

Mezzo Labs partnership turns customer data into competitive advantage

To address clients’ underlying data issues and use data to drive real business outcomes.

Tealium provides the data supply chain to ensure clients maximise the value of their tech investment.

A true partnership between Mezzo Labs and Tealium based on a similar approach to client data challenges.

Patrick Milburn, Managing Director at Mezzo Labs HK & SG explains, “Clients have been fed the story ‘data is the new oil’ for a few years but it hasn’t really become a reality for a lot of them, despite large investments and programmes. Our core focus is how to enable our clients to use data to actually drive business outcomes.”

Tealium delivers the data supply chain

Mezzo Labs is tech agnostic and believes the right tool should be used for the right job. The five-year partnership with Tealium sees Mezzo Labs make use of its best in class tag management and customer data platform which at a pure technology level is ideal for the right clients.

Tealium enables Mezzo Labs to bridge multiple, fragmented sources and map all data, bringing it together while simultaneously ensuring it is clean, robust and at the necessary level of granularity. Tealium helps provide the data
supply chain to deliver data in a way which drives business outcomes and, by partnering with Tealium, Mezzo Labs can enable clients to maximise value from their existing marketing tech and ad tech stacks.

According to Adrian Kingwell, Group CEO, “For the past five years, Tealium has allowed us to maximise value from client investment as it plugs into pretty much every marketing cloud, arguably making those tools better through the data it provides.”

As a fast tool, Tealium allows Mezzo Labs to identify and act on consumer behaviours in real time, enabling clients to deliver relevant and timely services or offers to their audiences there and then. For Nixplay, a joint eCommerce client in APAC, Mezzo Labs used Tealium AudienceStream to power a personalised campaign across their media and website channels during the middle of Covid-19. Despite the challenging environment, just this one experience drove an incremental $250k USD, and the programme leveraging the audiences in Tealium is expected to ultimately create incremental revenue of at least $2m USD by the end of 2020.

A truly collaborative partnership
Mezzo Labs particularly values the Tealium partnership due to the similar way in which the two businesses approach data challenges for clients. It believes Tealium is open and collaborative in terms of the working model, with a valuable ability to move quickly when Mezzo Labs needs something such as a new connector to a tool or an answer to a challenging client issue.

Mezzo Labs works with Tealium to provide strategy support with client engagements, as well as deploying and operating the tools. Tealium supports Mezzo Labs with best practices around data collection and management, as well as from a training and deployment perspective where requirements are exceptionally complex.

Patrick Milburn says, “For our clients we need to develop a data strategy and roadmap, build an architecture and operating model to use it, underpin that with machine learning to scale, and embed skills and talent into our organisations so agencies keep taking us to the next level. Tealium provides the technology and best practice to democratise data which allows us to focus on guiding clients to best leverage it.”

Mezzo Labs and Tealium really do work as partners – not service providers and tech platforms – to turn customer data into competitive advantage.

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