Case Study

Mr Apple Propels Global Growth with Tealium and Stitch


Traditionally, primary producers like Mr Apple have experienced challenges in influencing and growing sales in the export market. In an area previously dominated by retailers and marketplaces, there was minimal room for direct producers to make an impact. However, Mr Apple was determined to break through these barriers as an industry trailblazer.

The company also grappled with achieving business objectives that included increasing margin and earnings, building global consumer brands, and driving efficiencies in consumer and trade marketing. These challenges were intensified by the need to fuel a ‘test & learn’ culture, focusing on marketing data and technology-enabled gains.


With Tealium CDP as the cornerstone of the solution, leading digital marketing consultancy, Stitch, assisted Mr Apple in realising a data-driven approach. This involved building a data ecosystem with retail partners, as well as a direct relationship with end consumers in key markets (such as China, Vietnam and India) to turn them into identifiable and marketable audiences. The use of efficient and simple first-party data capture, storage and audience generation for marketing automation and paid digital media platforms was key.


Tealium’s data unification tools empowered Mr Apple to boost its customer database by an impressive 150%, sharpening its audience targeting capabilities. The company also made strides in India by launching their first e-commerce campaign, whilst pioneering a direct return on advertising spend with a third-party retailer. Plus, Mr Apple made smart use of their data through fruitful collaborations with retail partners, leading to a bump in awareness, engagement and, most importantly, sales.

Trailblazing a New Path to Growth through a Data Revolution

By utilising Tealium, Mr Apple employed strategies that led to tangible growth. In India, the implementation of Tealium event tracking on retail partners’ websites paved the way for more precise measurement of conversions across different websites and domains, leading to an enhanced understanding of consumer behaviours. In turn, this led to smarter decisions and improved marketing return on investment.

Globally, Mr Apple experienced growth in marketable audiences as a result of Tealium’s capability in collecting and unifying data from multiple sources. This allowed the company to deploy tailored advertising across different platforms in various markets. The ability to adapt advertising strategies by market and variety proved crucial in reaching a wider audience of consumers to increase revenue. Stitch’s expertise and collaboration were pivotal to these accomplishments, steering Mr Apple towards a CDP-enabled and data-inspired marketing future.


Tealium, and the use of consumer data, is central to our global marketing strategy. We are seeing positive signs of success with e-commerce and some of our direct-to-consumer initiatives in key markets, such as India.

Jo Turner
Marketing Manager — Mr Apple New Zealand

Building the Innovation-Led Future-Ready Enterprise

With Tealium and Stitch, Mr Apple aims to move beyond their initial business goals, with a focus on growth and efficiency. By using data wisely to drive greater efficiency and better business outcomes through marketing, Mr Apple has adopted a practical approach to enable future readiness in a dynamic global market. With a Tealium-enabled trusted data foundation, Mr Apple is putting consumers first, whilst readily adapting to new market challenges to leap ahead of the competition. The combined capabilities and expertise of Tealium and Stitch have empowered Mr Apple to experiment and innovate to boost bottom-line growth. In turn, the company is trailblazing a new path to commercial performance through a data-driven marketing and sales revolution.

Our collaboration with Tealium and Mr Apple enabled us to fully realise the value of a data-driven approach, transforming first-party data into actionable insights for real-time engagement. With Stitch’s hands-on expertise, Mr Apple was able to deploy innovative e-commerce strategies and targeted promotions, enhancing consumer reach and driving revenue growth. Together, we’re pioneering new growth avenues in the primary industry export market, ensuring Mr Apple’s continued success in an ever-competitive global landscape.

Adnan Khan
Co-Founder & Managing Partner — Stitch

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