Case Study

The Foundations of a Long-Term Marketing Strategy

Boasting over a million customers,

Partenamut is one of the biggest health, medical, and dental insurers in Belgium for children and adults alike, with a wide range of benefits and rewards.

The combination brought about by a broad range of rewards, and insurance products, alongside the inherent individualised needs of each customer created significant volumes of data. Without a fully integrated technology stack, this data rapidly became siloed – a problem which obscured a 360 degree view of the customer.

As a result, the marketing team were unable to establish how best to engage with customers and offer the latest promotions and services.

To resolve the issues brought about by multiple platforms creating siloed pockets of data and disjointed customer insight.

Deeper integration of Tealium systems into the technology stack, putting the marketing team’s needs at the core of the CDP.

A 360 view to improve and personalise mailing to customers as well as an agile foundation for the future of the marketing department, allowing for rapid test-and-deploy, and finer use of data in future.

Kristel De Blezer, Digital Expert at Partenamut, “Moving from having pockets of siloed data to having a whole stack able to rapidly integrate additional tools and services, has revolutionised how we, as a marketing team, are able to look at our customer engagement plans. It allows for rapid strength testing of new models, which in turn gives us the agility to move with external influences our customers need support with.

This adaptability means we know we have a solid platform upon which to develop long-term marketing strategies, knowing that the foundations are there to be built upon as required. It’s changed our whole approach to customer engagement.”

Putting marketing first

Historically, the decision behind the purchase of CDPs was the need to get a 360 degree overview across the very siloed channels to get a better insight into the customer journey. As Partenamut was already successfully using Tealium iQ (a decision based upon the requirements of the data analysts) the step to Tealium’s CDP came naturally.

In the past, the decision around these tools was primarily driven by the data analytics teams who, while key decision makers, were not the primary users of the technology day-to-day. As such, the marketing teams had to take the lead on the CDP as the marketeers were in need of a hands-on tool that would allow for a more defined marketing approach. The previous problem of inefficiencies through the use of multiple platforms, which didn’t wholly integrate, was solved by Tealium’s ability to operate as a flexible, ‘hybrid’ system, allowing for finer integration with existing third-party software.

Importantly, through the marketing team leading the decision on the technology, it became user-first and allowed for swifter understanding of how to maximise returns and optimise performance across the tech stack. In expanding the use of Tealium IQ to include AudienceStream at the heart of the system, the data being analysed was made cleaner, in turn ensuring the single view of the customer was more accurate, and insights from it more actionable.

Throughout the major disruption in 2020, where the pandemic impacted all aspects of healthcare and medical support, Tealium was key to enabling the marketing team to send highly targeted communication to specific target groups for precise problems and issues. Critically, this was able to be achieved in real-time.

A bedrock for long-term marketing strategy

Once the reinvigorated stack was established – through being driven by the needs of the marketing team – it became possible to use it as a bedrock for planning future marketing activities.

The ease of bringing fresh tools together, and integrating with existing solutions means that the long-term goal to personalise the digital channels becomes a reality. In connecting all the dots, the 360 view becomes feasible, through disrupting siloes; subsequently allowing the marketing function to better personalise customer communications. This can begin with email platforms, with other marketing stack options (e.g. Facebook), coming further down the line.

Throughout the partnership with Tealium, the Partenamut team had dedicated educational support on best use of the whole hybrid system, and advice on how to integrate third party services. In doing so, Tealium became a key partner in developing a whole tech stack which could solve the challenges faced by the marketing teams.

What results did they see?

From an operational perspective, as the first connecting platform with Facebook, Tealium was able to bring in data that wouldn’t be possible once third party cookies are out of the equation.

Engagement-wise, Partenamut saw an increase of over 16% in email click-through-rate.

De Blezer “ultimately, we experienced a 16.6% average increase in CTR across our email campaigns due to the higher quality, trusted customer data enabled by Tealium’s
AudienceStream CDP.”

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