Case Study

How the HABA FAMILYGROUP drives repeat sales with a single customer view


How could the brand optimise its personalised marketing communications in a way that encouraged more first-time buyers to return and make a repeat purchase?


By deploying Tealium’s Customer Data Platform for its JAKO-O brand, the HABA FAMILYGROUP could break down data silos and establish a 360-degree view of its customers.


During a three-month optimisation period, its first-time buyer automation campaign for JAKO-O saw an 81% uplift in conversion, with an increased click rate of 27%.

 Rayna Racheva, Senior Customer Relationship Manager, HABA FAMILYGROUP, said, “The email marketing automation campaign for our JAKO-O brand was a key indicator of success for our partnership with Tealium. The results generated by Tealium really speak for themselves, with our conversion rate rising by 81% and click rate increasing by 27% once we optimised the Customer Data Platform. This use-case demonstrates the rewards that the HABA FAMILYGROUP can reap, as we continue to uplevel our personalised marketing output.”

For over 84 years, the HABA FAMILYGROUP has developed, produced, and sold high-quality products for the areas of family life, play, movement, clothing, education, furniture, and fittings for families, as well as social, public, and private facilities. As a family-owned business, it aims to shape the future for children through its imagination, passion, and skills.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, however, the business understands that there’s work to be done if it is to continue supporting children in the years to come

A particular focus for JAKO-O – the HABA FAMILYGROUP’s brand for babies & children and first mover online shop in the FAMILYGROUP – was the need to deepen its connection with its existing customers. They wanted to re-engage first-time buyers of its products but encountered a key challenge: data silos that were limiting the brand’s potential to personalise marketing output, making engagement difficult.

Before working with Tealium, the consumer business team was not able to access key information, such as the age group of the child for whom the first JAKO-O purchase was made. This meant that automated email campaigns were broad, with the same messages going to everyone, whether they had a new-born baby or a twelve-year-old child

As a result, it was difficult to pique customers’ interest. Tealium’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) was introduced to break down data silos and build a 360-degree view of the customers that had previously purchased an item from its JAKO-O brand.

Linda Borsch, Segmentation Manager, HABA FAMILYGROUP, stated, “After one year working with Tealium, we’ve now implemented a total of 17 use-cases like this one, based on 254 event attributes, 499 audience attributes, and 70 different audiences. As we look forward to 2023, the HABA FAMILYGROUP is planning continuous improvement through optimisation. We are turning our focus to personalisation through product and category recommendations, coupons, and strengthening our customer relationships.”

Before deploying Tealium AudienceStream™ CDP for its JAKO-O brand, the HABA FAMILYGROUP evaluated the technology over a three-month period, between May and August 2022. During the POC (proof of concept), their engineers and Tealium collaborated closely to optimise the CDP. An initial challenge was stitching all the data points together, as many customers didn’t have a unique email address or customer ID.

This challenge was overcome once the CDP was fully implemented, and the teams had found the correct stitching parameter. The HABA FAMILYGROUP was now prepared to use the technology to drive first-time buyers back to its JAKO-O brand. By establishing a single view of these customers, they were able to better understand the varying levels of affinity to certain JAKO-O age groups, based on the customers’ browsing behaviour.

In this way, Tealium’s CDP allowed them to re-target JAKO-O first-time buyers with fully personalised email and print automation, sharing relevant products and deals to encourage customers to make a second purchase. During the three-month period spent optimising the CDP, the HABA FAMILYGROUP’s email marketing automation campaign saw an 81% uplift in conversion for its JAKO-O brand, as well as an increased click rate of 27%.

 Stephanie Niedung, Head of CRM and Retention, HABA FAMILYGROUP, said, “Tealium enables us to efficiently implement new use cases quickly and helps us to grow professionally with future needs. The great support within the proof-of-concept phase, especially the hands-on approach, enabled us to be in time & budget and built a solid fundament of a trustful partnership.”

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