Tealium Predict ML


Inject machine learning powered insights into customer profiles to fuel personalized, proactive customer experiences


Data-driven predictions using all customer data – Predict the likelihood of any customer behavior using the entire customer profile, not just a point solution

Fuel your whole stack with ML insights – Prediction scores available for use in real time to trigger action in any downstream system

Transparent and powerful, yet simple, ML – No black boxes— simple enough for marketers, powerful enough for data scientists with advanced configurations

The machine learning mandate is only growing stronger over time. The sheer volume, velocity and variety of customer data increasingly demands that companies harness the power of machine learning capabilities to keep up. However, the breadth of tools and approaches available is mind boggling, with few obvious solutions and very real risk.

With Tealium’s capabilities across the customer data supply chain, Tealium Predict ML gives companies (beginners and seasoned pros alike) an easy and low risk way to start or amplify machine learning projects. Predict ML solves the primary challenges plaguing most machine learning projects today and gives a direct path to ROI. As part of the Tealium AudienceStream Customer Data Platform, Predict ML enables your company to build a high volume and high quality data foundation, inject machine learning insights on top, and use these insights to trigger action in downstream systems for activation or further analysis.

Add behavior predictions to customer profiles and use them to trigger action in any system in your tech stack

Anticipate Customer Behavior

The customer data you’re currently collecting holds clues to future behavior. When you can accurately predict future behavior, you can take action to amplify or minimize it. Tealium Predict ML uses the power of machine learning to score customers with the likelihood to complete any behavior you’re tracking in Tealium AudienceStream Customer Data Platform. This score can then be used with rules to trigger actions (for example: send an email, add to an audience, etc) based on likelihood thresholds that you define.

Anticipate when a customer is going to make a purchase and take action to increase revenue. Or identify prospects who won’t purchase and suppress them from advertising to save costs. Or both. Predict ML scores every visitor with the likelihood to exhibit certain behavior and you can choose how to leverage that score to take proactive action to drive better CX results.

“Organizations spend a vast amount of their time wrangling data and figuring out how to deploy and activate insights,” said Mike Anderson, Founder and CTO of Tealium. “With our continued focus on data orchestration, we’re in the perfect position to offer a machine learning product integrated right into our CDP solution. We can deliver machine learning data into a customer’s entire downstream tech stack, whether any of those stack tools have machine learning capabilities or not.”

No Black Boxes

Most ML solutions just give you a score that you can choose to use or not. With Tealium Predict ML, you get all the details on the strength of the model, the data used, and tools to configure the prediction to suit your needs.

Find Out What Behavior is Predictive

Tealium Predict ML not only predicts the likelihood of a certain behavior happening, but it also shows you exactly what events are predictive of that behavior, and exactly how important each event is to the prediction. By getting insights into the behavior that is predictive, you can better craft customer experiences that more effectively support your goals.

When predicting a purchase, for example, you might see that a particular video view, or offline interaction is critical. Or if predicting cart abandonment, you might see a particular device overly represented implying there may be a bug. Armed with these insights, you can then take action to produce better results.

Machine Learning Insights “In-Line” with Your Customer Data Collection and Distribution

Machine learning projects are notoriously resource-intensive. Even if you have a good model, it can be hard to feed it with enough high quality data. And even if you figure that out, it can be even more time-consuming and difficult to activate those insights so they’re actually benefiting your customers.

Tealium Predict ML, along with AudienceStream CDP, is the lowest cost and lowest risk way to simultaneously solve all of these customer data and machine learning challenges. Predictions simply become another data point in the customer profile that can be activated using our industry-leading 1,200+ integration marketplace. All of a sudden, machine learning capabilities sit in line with data collection and activation, powering your whole tech stack

Predict ANY Behavior

Predict any behavior that you have tracked in Tealium AudienceStream CDP. You choose from what’s important to you, not pre-defined by us. Choose anything including a purchase, cart abandonment, subscription lapse, VIP status, call center calls, etc. The only limit is your imagination.

Launch a Model in Under 5 Clicks

A simple, easy-to-understand UI that enables anybody, even if you’re not a data scientist, to create a model that predicts customer behavior. Create, train, fine tune, and activate a model directly driving CX actions in under 5 minutes.

Tools to Fine Tune Predictions

Not only can you see the details behind your predictions, but you can fine tune them to fit your needs. Do you want only a high confidence prediction? Or do you want a prediction only for a certain timeframe? Predict ML lets you decide— or use our pre-built settings, up to you.

Low Risk, Low Cost ML

With Tealium’s capabilities across the data supply chain, Predict ML gives you a direct path to ROI. Tealium has unmatched tools to collect a high volume of high quality data, and the industry’s largest integration marketplace (over 1,200) to put ML insights to work.

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