Does Your Organization Need a Private Cloud?


In a hyper-competitive, cross-device, cross-experience world, every consumer expects true personalization (from every business, not just Amazon). For highly regulated industries to deliver true personalization, you need highly secured customer data.

In industries like financial services, healthcare, insurance and others, collecting customer data to deliver exceptional customer experiences also includes collecting sensitive data. As data sources and usage grow, it’s essential for these organizations to detect, mitigate and minimize the risk associated with sharing 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data across the technology stack. To do that, a secure and scalable environment for customer data infrastructure and orchestration is needed.

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Tealium Private Cloud

was pioneered as the first private cloud solution for customer data infrastructure and customer data platform technology and  is ideal for organizations concerned with protecting sensitive customer data. With Tealium Private Cloud, organizations can begin to use trusted and comprehensive customer data while continuing to comply with data privacy and regulatory rules like HIPAA.

Is a private cloud environment right for your business? Go through our quick checklist to find out!

Question 1:

Do you use any other private cloud environments for any other data management needs today?

This may seem like an odd question, but if your company currently has any private cloud environments today it’s a good indicator that similar solutions are going to continue to be needed across your enterprise technology stack. If you don’t know of any private cloud environments, check with your InfoSec and IT team!

Question 2:

Does your organization collect and work with highly sensitive data that requires additional data security and controls?

Collecting and processing highly sensitive data is an everyday reality for industries like financial services, insurance and healthcare. Tealium Private Cloud provides organizations the increased security and controls of a private cloud environment while continuing to provide the ease of management and scalability associated with SaaS offerings.

Question 3:

Is your organization’s data strategy limited due to regulations like HIPAA?

Maintaining compliance with HIPAA is a major hurdle for IT organizations working within the Healthcare industry. Tealium Private Cloud is ideal for organizations concerned with protecting sensitive customer data and has undergone independent third-party audits to ensure it is compliant with the security and privacy requirements under HIPAA.

Question 4:

Does your organization need to comply with global/regional data management laws?

Geographic data management requirements can prove to be a significant pain point when evaluating SaaS customer data infrastructure. All data in Tealium Private Cloud is isolated and regionally designated, ensuring that unique security controls can be designed and implemented properly.

Question 5:

Does your InfoSec team require up to date certifications and monitoring of vendor environments?

Beyond assisting companies to meet their regulatory compliance requirements, Tealium updates all certifications and compliances of the private cloud environment annually.

Question 6:

Do you need a single point of control for all customer data flowing through your organization?

More technology vendors collecting and processing highly sensitive data introduces more management and typically more risk. Tealium Private Cloud brings the complete Customer Data Hub (no feature left behind) to a private cloud environment. This enables organizations to do end-to-end customer data collection, standardization, transformation and activation in an environment that meets their security needs.

Question 7:

Do you need your technology vendors to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in order to work with third-party vendors and technologies?

Tealium Private Cloud is particularly suited for customers who require a HIPAA HITECH compliant environment, such as those organizations involved with healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical industry verticals as Tealium has undergone independent third-party audits to validate the Private Cloud offering is compliant with the security and privacy requirements under HIPAA HITECH. Furthermore, Tealium will sign a BAA with its private cloud customers. Speak with your Tealium representative about the Business Associate Agreement process for Tealium Private Cloud.

Need More Info on Tealium Private Cloud?

Tealium Private Cloud is just one way we can help organizations build a secure and scalable data infrastructure. To learn more about Tealium’s approach to data privacy and trust, request a custom demo to see how Tealium can address your specific challenges.

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