Tealium iQ™ vs. Free Tag Management Solutions


Comparing solutions based on capability, experience and total cost of ownership

‘Why should my business pay for a tag management system (TMS) when there are free services available?’
That certainly is a valid question. There are various free tag management options available in the market today with the prevailing free solution being Google Tag Manager. While a free TMS can be a viable option, it is important to understand that “free” does not always mean “without cost.”

‘Free’ solutions cost your business money when:

To evaluate what system is right for your business, it’s important to evaluate the following critical criteria for adopting a tag management solution. Tag management systems should enable your business to move quicker, reduce costs, enable employees and ultimately empower the organization to leverage data more easily.

  • Valuable IT resources are deferred from strategic projects to manually code and update unsupported tags
  • Marketing campaigns are delayed and revenue is lost because the best turnkey integrations aren’t available
  • Inaccurate analytics data resulting from implementation oversights leads to bad business decisions
  • Code on your website begins to slow page performance and affect conversions
  • Adequate security and privacy protections are not in place

What capabilities does each system add and how well do they break down internal silos enabling wider adoption and more powerful use of data.

Ability to use customer data infrastructure provided by tag management to drive additional value.

Availability of features and services to address privacy and security regulatory concerns such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and others.

How easy is it for customers of each system to get the timely support needed to make the most out of the product.

What is the cost of ownership for each system as it relates to resource investment and subscription costs.

Don’t Forget Downstream Impact: Full Stack Integration Capability

Furthermore, as Tag Management Systems are front-line collectors of customer data, it’s essential to consider the potential downstream impact of unifying and using the insights from that cross-channel data across the organization’s tech stack. As part of the Tealium Customer Data Hub, the Tealium iQ Tag Management System is ideally positioned to extend the value of collected data with a fully integrated and vendor-neutral approach to managing customer data and insights.

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