Solution Brief

Tealium AudienceStream for Retargeting and Remarketing


Increase revenue using enriched audience profiles and real-time CRM insights.


  • Improve effectiveness of your targeting and personalization efforts by defining the visitor attributes that matter
  • Deliver more relevant messaging with the freshest information about your visitors regardless of what type of device they use to interact with your web site or mobile application
  • Maximize your marketing agility through direct integration with the widest array of advertising and email technology companies available

AudienceStream Benefits Your Retargeting and Remarketing Campaigns—From Impression to Sale

Retargeting and remarketing are a proven way to increase conversion rates for email and ad campaigns. Research shows that web site visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70 percent more likely on average to take a valuable action on your web site. Your advertising and email vendors provide you with the infrastructure you need to create campaigns to re-engage with visitors, mobile users and customers. But what if you could leverage that infrastructure to engage in more meaningful ways with right-time offers? Tealium unified marketing solutions make customer interactions more timely and relevant.

To further fuel your efforts, Tealium AudienceStream™ boosts the quality of your targeting with high-value, actionable visitor profile enrichment using first-party data. AudienceStream also improves the timeliness of your campaigns by working with key marketing technologies to achieve true real-time personalized marketing interactions. These real-time capabilities can help fuel campaign initiatives and provide your sales team with key customer insights.

Display Ad Retargeting: Enriched Audience Data Brings Back Visitors

First-party audience data automatically sent from AudienceStream to retargeting vendors more efficiently improves click-through rates and conversions for your advertiser’s display campaigns. AudienceStream in conjunction with Tealium iQ™, Tealium’s powerful enterprise tag management solution, can easily enrich audience data with the attributes you desire and deliver these highly valued segments to your advertising partners—triggering retargeting action in real time.

Remarketing: Personalized E-mails in Real Time

For remarketing, timeliness is critical. Enriched real-time data from AudienceStream can be injected into the digital marketing tags of your marketing automation partners. AudienceStream can automatically send a timely, relevant e-mail offer based on interaction with your site. For example, when a visitor starts a purchase process, but does not actually convert, AudienceStream can send the visitor ID and abandonment details to the e-mail vendor so an immediate personalized e-mail offer can be sent. When that highly relevant offer is made in real time, effectiveness of that subsequent interaction improves dramatically compared to the typical days or weeks experienced by marketers today.

See the following page for a case study highlighting how AudienceStream helped a major online backup company convert free trials into paid subscriptions.

Real-Time Engagement with Point‑and‑Click Integration

When Tealium iQ and AudienceStream are deployed together, real-time engagement to propel funnel progression is a reality. Tealium is the foundation for your marketing engagement: Tealium iQ sets up the necessary load rules to track the customer’s engagement with product content or pricing information on the web site. AudienceStream distributes high-value audience segments based on visitor behaviors such as trial form submissions, downloads, and cart behaviors to marketing partners to fuel real-time action. These profiles can be enriched over time as visitors and customers continue to engage with your web and mobile channels, giving the advertising and marketing team increasingly accurate and enhanced customer insight for improved marketing interactions.

Tealium’s platform provides point-and-click integration with more than 950+ digital marketing vendors (or 950+ digital marketing vendor tags), spanning multiple categories from analytics to ad serving. Tealium’s robust partner ecosystem enables digital marketers to launch revenue-generating campaigns faster and more efficiently; improve analytics deployments; and reduce the burden on valuable IT resources. There are a variety of best-of-breed partners for your retargeting and remarketing efforts:

How AudienceStream Helped a Major Online Backup Company Convert Free Trials Into Paid Subscriptions

One of the most successful and publicly traded online backup companies with over one million customers across 100 countries uses Tealium to retarget prospects who downloaded a free trial of their software to encourage them to convert to a paid subscription.

AudienceStream was used to create an engagement funnel within each product group to power this retargeting campaign in RocketFuel and provide leads to the sales team via


This company wanted to most efficiently convert free trial prospects to paying subscribers with an ad retargeting campaign. Before AudienceStream was in place, the company used a costly and time-consuming process to implement their campaigns.

AudienceStream Solution


Prior to AudienceStream, the complexity and resources associated with retargeting was too costly. AudienceStream fueled a retargeting campaign that proved to be cost effective and timely, creating more substantial retargeting ROI. In the chart below, revenues associated with “Free Trials” are trials that started off Free and were converted to paid during the retargeting campaign. Paid Subscription revenues are associated with non-trial sales associated with a standard (non-retargeted) ad campaign.

First month incremental revenue from the retargeting campaign by product type:

  • ExactTarget
  • AdRoll
  • StrongView
  • Rocket Fuel
  • Responsys
  • Silverpop
  • Criteo
  1. Visitors were segmented by product group and type of trial using the powerful data enrichment capabilities of AudienceStream
  2. The enriched profiles for all prospects were then delivered to RocketFuel, a leading retargeting advertising technology vendor, through their web site tag
  3. RocketFuel implemented a retargeting campaign to the prospects fueled by the AudienceStream profiles
  4. The sales team received a lead alert generated by the AudienceStream-Salesforce connector letting them know a trial had been downloaded

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