1 Month Post GDPR: Experts Weigh In on the Now What

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1 Month Post GDPR: Experts Weigh In on the Now What

GDPR taking effect on May 25th has started an evolution in data governance. It’s evident that it’s top of mind right now for many brands, as all of us have been experiencing the influx of emails updating subscribers on privacy policies and GDPR compliance plans.

Brands are putting measures into place with resources, budget and more to ensure compliance – but now that GDPR is in effect, what’s next? Successful organizations know that having a handle on data at all points within the data flow is critical to success – so what practices and strategies does a brand need to continue to continue to think about and implement post GDPR?

Watch to learn:
– 3 ways to prevent unwanted attention to your brand post-GDPR
– Data sharing and storage – what you can and cannot do going forward
– EU privacy laws and ICO and FTC fines and implications of non-compliance
– The benefits a brand will experience when thinking of data protection as an ongoing lifestyle rather than a one-time project