2023 State of the CDP: How Innovative Brands Deliver Value With A CDP

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Wondering if a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is really worth the hype?

Spoiler alert! Our 2023 State of the CDP survey reveals that it is – and by a long shot.

Join us as we explore key findings from our survey of over 1200 marketing and business leaders globally. Tune in to discover why companies that invest in CDPs vastly outperform those that don’t, and how they are using this powerful tool to deliver cutting-edge CX and drive immediate revenue.

You’ll also see:

  • The top 3 CDP use cases for driving customer retention and acquisition
  • Strategies brands are using to staff their unique CDP team for optimal performance
  • How to companies are able to achieve twice the satisfaction for meeting marketing objectives for companies with a CDP (90%) vs. those without a CDP (44%)
  • How 74% of companies with a CDP achieved strong ROI/value within the first year and how you can too!