7 Steps to Becoming a Consumer-First Marketer

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7 Steps to Becoming a Consumer-First Marketer

Make no mistake – today’s consumer is in charge. Relationship marketers can no longer wave a discount in front of them and expect customers to magically appear. Successful brands will be the ones to rethink their marketing strategies and gain alignment across the organization to put consumers at the center of every message and interaction. This consumer-first marketing approach begins with leveraging data effectively to better understand and respond to consumer needs, preferences, and expectations in real-time.

In this webinar, experts Kat Berman, VP Product Marketing at Selligent, and Adam Corey, VP Marketing at Tealium, will discuss seven steps for launching a consumer-first strategy, highlighting best practices and results from successful brands that are getting it right.

Watch now, and learn to:

– Get your data together: Collect consumer interaction data across every channel and touchpoint for a unified view of the customer

– Fuel smarter campaigns: Stay relevant by responding to consumer behavior in a timely, simultaneous experience

– Embrace contextual messaging: Bring context and value to every message and engagement by prioritizing long-term loyalty over short-term goal