Automotive Expert Talk: Shifting into Higher Gear with Customer Data

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“What happens in the car, stays in the car” is a common phenomenon automotive companies are facing. But not only is accessing in-car data a challenge, leveraging customer data from all touch points in real time while respecting drivers’ privacy preferences is the key goal for many brands in 2023.

Keen to increase conversion rates and ultimately boost your new customer numbers and after sales? Join this webinar to hear from industry and data experts how you can shift to smarter, more efficient marketing and seize the full potential of your customer data – in-car and out-of-car, online and offline.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Key data challenges in the automotive industry in 2023 and how to solve them
  • Knowing your customer – creating a single view of a customer with insights from all channels
  • How to ensure that your customers receive the right message in the right place and time while respecting their privacy and consent preferences
  • How to increase the efficiency of your marketing spend by leveraging your first-party data

– Ulisse Sarmiento, RVP Solutions Consulting EMEA, Tealium
– Dr. Sven Schiemann, Industry Expert & Managing Director Future Marketing GmbH
– Hugo Lerias, MMU Solutions Architect Leader, AWS
– Jordan Tauriainen, Partner Strategy Leader DCE, AWS
– Ralf Strauss, Industry Expert & Managing Partner MarketingTechLab, President German Marketing Association