Build or Buy Your CDP? How to Choose the Right Approach for Your Business

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When it comes to evaluating a Customer Data Platform (CDP), companies oftentimes must ask the most critical question: can we build this ourselves in house? The answer is not a simple yes or no, rather a discussion around time, cost, and the components of a CDP your team deems most important.

That’s why in this panel, we sat down with the founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute, David Raab, to share how companies can determine what to build and what to buy to create the highest business value. We also cover:

  • An approach that isn’t an all-or-nothing choice to help you feel more confident in your CDP journey
  • Ways to inspire both business users and IT teams to work together to identify uncertainties about future needs
  • Key takeaways from our latest white paper, Build or Buy Your CDP? Choosing the approach that’s best for your business.