The 3 Pillars of Trust: Building a Multi-Faceted Data Privacy Strategy

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Customer Trust & Data Privacy Masterclass Series Ep 1 Privacy is neither a buzzword nor should it be treated as such. That’s why it’s crucial to have data privacy compliance practices baked into your customer data strategy from the start – especially in today’s digital landscape. Plus, by doing so you can foster loyalty because customers know that when they engage with your brand they are getting the personalized experience they crave without sacrificing their privacy preferences.

Tune in the first session in our Trust Masterclass series to discover how to capitalize on a first-party data strategy to simplify compliance and ensure data accuracy. You’ll also learn:

  • Ways new privacy legislation and third-party cookie loss will affect measurement if left unaddressed
  • The three pillars of trust and how to achieve them with privacy tactics
  • How to use a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to enable benefit-driven, privacy-centric conversations with customers