Customer Experience Management: Course Correction

Customer Experience Management: Course Correction

Marcus Ambrus, Managing Partner,

Customer Experience Management, or Customer Centricity, has become the #1 hope and mission of companies and brands. The technical opportunities supporting this mission are amazing. But in reality company managers, organizations, and people are not ready to navigate with such technical opportunities. Customer Experience Management requires the seamless integration of Marketing, Sales, and CRM. Those parties operate in silos and have fragmented customer journey views and responsibilities. That is the reason why so many system integrations and Customer Experience visions fail.

The integration of the Tealium Customer Data Hub and Plan.Net´s proprietary CORE data science system plays a major role in the successful change of how organizations operate. As this stack enables organizations to truly integrate and activate any customer interaction on the customer journey and therefore create an automated and individualized shaping of the customer journey.

In this session with Marcus Ambrus, Managing Partner of Plan.Net Business Intelligence, he’ll share:

-Methods and best practices on how to overcome change management challenges in organizations
-How to train the interplay of Marketing, Sales, and CRM
-How to reduce the risk of failure of the integration of sophisticated Marketing Technologies
-Exciting case studies of truly re-designed Marketing Communication strategies and tactics playing at the full strength of today’s opportunities