The Ever-Evolving World of Customer Trust and Data Privacy

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With third-party cookie loss on the horizon, stricter privacy legislation in place, and consumers shifting their attitudes around privacy, brands need to be more thoughtful on how data is being collected, used, and optimized.

However, as customers provide less data, they still expect organizations to deliver relevant and personalized experiences. That’s why in our upcoming masterclass series, we’ll share how brands can use a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to enable privacy-driven personalization that fuels long-term customer loyalty and trust.

Tune in to this quick overview to see some of the key topics we’ll cover including how to:

  • Provide more value to your customers by using their data to deliver truly relevant and personalized experiences
  • Enable a first-party data strategy that puts data privacy compliance at its core and ensures accuracy
  • Combat signal loss by augmenting customer profiles and maximizing the value of the data you already have