Defining CDP Success with 5 Must-have Use-Cases for Enterprises

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Defining CDP Success with 5 Must-have Use-Cases for Enterprises

While Customer Data Platforms (CDP) have evolved rapidly as a marketer-friendly solution to achieve unified customer views and personalization; defining specific use cases & what success with data management would look like, is still tricky. These two factors are, however, central to CDP selection, deployment and activation success.

Watch to learn:
– Must-have use-cases for CDPs in the enterprise context
– What ‘readiness’ to drive success in these scenarios would look like
– What success metrics for these core CDP use-cases would look like

The 5 Must-have use-cases we will discuss are:
1. Single View of the Customer: Putting the ideal into perspective
2. Personalization: Creating cohesive, relevant customer experiences across all customer channels
3. Data Governance / Compliance: To build brand trust and avoid regulatory penalties
4. Data Readiness for ML/AI: Standardizing and making data accessible for ML and AI applications
5. Customer Analytics and Insights: Leveraging a complete set of interaction data for deeper insights