Driving Contextual Experiences in the Increasingly Anonymous Era

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Driving Contextual Experiences in the Increasingly Anonymous Era

While it may sound like a staggering figure, only two to three percent of potential customers will share identifying information as they browse your company’s products or services across digital channels. That leaves a tremendous amount – 97 percent – of visitors as ‘unknown,’ yet a vast majority of today’s marketers focus on providing a personalized experience only after an identifier is provided.

Even in an anonymous state, visitors are leaving behind valuable pieces of data that provide insight into their interests, preferences, and purchase intent. In this interactive discussion, Andrew Jones, industry analyst and consultant, teams up with Tealium’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jay Calavas, to explore:
– building detailed customer profiles using anonymous data
– developing personalized experiences — before an identifier is provided
– the technology solutions that enable you to capitalize on anonymous data