How to Establish Customer Trust through Data Privacy

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Customer Trust and Data Privacy Masterclass Series Ep 2 Today, your customers expect every experience with your brand to be personalized. However, they also expect their data privacy preferences to also be honored – and rightfully so.On top of that, you’re being tasked with doing more with less data as third-party cookie loss and strict privacy legislation fuel signal loss.
That said, in order for brands to meet consumer expectations while being compliant requires a tool that has privacy practices baked in from the start. And that tool is a first-party data fueled Customer Data Platform (CDP).
Tune in to the second session in our Trust Masterclass Series to learn how to balance personalization and privacy and see:
  • 5 ways a CDP establishes trust in data with customers
  • 3 key recommendations for establishing customer trust through data
  • How to achieve benefit-driven conversations with customers, led by privacy