From Basics to Best Practices: Building Your Client-Side Data Infrastructure

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From Basics to Best Practices: Building Your Client-Side Data Infrastructure

For marketers who specialize in client-side data management, the shift towards a consumer privacy-first landscape means working more closely with an IT team to properly collect and activate that data. Today, tag management serves as the front-line of curating a customer experience and creating a secure, governable customer data supply chain.

However, in order to have the most comprehensive, secure, and flexible data supply chain, your organization should be looking at employing both client-side and server-side collection and delivery based on your strategic business needs and budget.

In this webinar, Jamie Wells returns to analyze current-day best practices for client-side data management and how the current industry trends are transforming the use cases for that data. Tune-in and you will:

  • Understand the influence of privacy regulations on the future of your tag management strategy
  • Learn how to determine what data should be collected client-side or server-side
  • Discover how to create a harmonious approach to both client-side and server-side data

Whether you’re looking to deploy an enterprise tag management solution for the first time, or you’re a thousand tags deep, this webinar will give you a strategic view of where you should employ client-side data management in building a future-proof foundation for data collection.