From Reaction to Real-time Action: Optimizing the Customer Experience

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From Reaction to Real-time Action: Optimizing the Customer Experience

Customers today expect the brands they’re interacting with to know exactly who they are – they are revealing their likes, dislikes and giving organizations massive amounts of behavioral and engagement information when they interact with companies digitally. In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. But are brands delivering?

The goal of any mature customer data organization should be to leverage unknown and known customer data to create the exceptional experiences their customers are demanding. Rather than being reactive to customers, imagine being able to act on the behavioral signals they provide, in real-time. Yes, it’s possible to meet your customers right where they are in their journey and deliver what they need.

Watch to learn:

– How to use digital experience data to act, rather than react, to consumers who are interacting with your brand
– Key strategies for orchestrating and combining customer behavior and experiences with other online and offline data points
– Real-world use cases and examples that top brands have put into place to optimize the customer experience
– And so much more