A Holistic Customer Data Platform: Orchestrating the Entire Customer Journey

As businesses venture further down the Digital Transformation path, they’re quickly realizing that customer experience is what can make or break their innovation efforts. In fact, according to ESG research, 47% of organizations say their most important objective this year is providing a better and more differentiated customer experience.

Key to delivering an outstanding customer experience is a full understanding of the customer journey. But customer journeys have gotten significantly more complex, and it’s no longer about just a single transaction or event, but about ongoing relationships throughout all the interactions. Combined with the fact that there are more interactions to track than ever before is the reality that the data these interactions yield is often siloed.

In this session, Mike Leone, Senior Analyst at ESG, Allan Rogers, Principal Customer Success Architect at Tealium and Valerie Anders, Principal Product Manager at Tealium are sharing how businesses can overcome these challenges by orchestrating the entire customer journey.

Join them to learn:

– The challenges organizations face with mapping a true customer journey

– Why it’s crucial to differentiate between customer experience and the customer journey

– How organizations can enable a better customer experience by using a modern data platform that can empower business stakeholders to leverage trusted and unified customer data in real-time

– The aspects of a customer data platform that matter the most

– Case studies that show the benefits organizations have achieved by embracing these modern platforms

– And more