Making Sense of the Changing Identity Landscape

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This is the third session in our Masterclass series on Preparing for Life Beyond the Third-Party Cookie

Ever since third-party cookies started going away, a new term began popping up called the universal identifier. Everyone from IAB Tech Lab’s DigiTrust, the Advertising ID Consortium, and TradeDesk’s Unified ID 2.0 have proposed new identifiers to help advertisers better understand and market to their customers.

If you think there’s a lot of identity conversation going on in the market, you are right! We’re here to help you make sense of it. In this masterclass we talk about the changing identity landscape and help you understand how you should be thinking about these changes alongside your customer acquisition strategies.

You’ll also take away:

  • A high level overview the changing identity landscape and a deep dive on the key solutions being proposed in market
  • How these changes impact your advertising and customer acquisition strategies
  • A few key steps to stay agile in a changing identity landscape