Orchestrating Data on the Global Level

Orchestrating Data on the Global Level

Lukas Teply, Digital Analytics Agile Lead, MSD
Karel Navratil, Product Owner of Digital Analytics, MSD

MSD a global pharmaceutical company, wanted to develop and implement a data strategy that not only elevated the quality of their customer data but would result in more comprehensive and actionable data for their global organization.

In this session with Karel Navratil and Lukas Teply, you’ll learn how MSD partnered with Tealium to orchestrate their data and deliver more value to their business.

They will discuss:
-Creating a digital analytics product team that serves all markets and can utilize Tealium to maintain over 600+ global profiles and operate across teams in Europe, Asia, and the United States
-Scaling a comprehensive data strategy and the evolution of the MSD partnership with Tealium
-The benefits of utilizing Tealium iQ Tag Management (client-side) and EventStream (server-side) for secure and robust data collection and delivery
-Next steps and how they plan to incorporate Tealium AudienceStream into the MSD strategy