Panel: Driving Enterprise-Wide Success with Transformative Technology

Panel: Driving Enterprise-Wide Success with Transformative Technology-
Change How Your Teams Collaborate to Better Serve the Customer

Organizations are setting out to be data-driven but year after year it often remains an unfilled initiative. The technology isn’t failing them, it’s often the operations and rigid internal silos. A 2018 eMarketer study showed that organizational alignment was the main challenge for businesses trying to meet their data transformation goals and that a key contributor that was friction between technology and business departments.

So how does an organization develop collaboration for data transformation? How do they handle change management and the adoption a disruptive technology like Tealium AudienceStream CDP or Event Data Framework? In this session with Tealium customers from Digital Velocity San Diego 2019, we discuss:

– How to drive enterprise-wide success with data and technology
– The value of organizing your teams around the customer journey
– And so much more!