Personalization – The Struggle is Real

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Personalization: The Struggle is Real

Personalization has moved from an industry buzzword to a top priority for most organizations as they strive to put the customer at the center of their business. Research from Forrester has indicated that consumers will even go so far as to pay more for brands that provide personalized services or experiences. Yet even with seemingly endless amounts of data, few companies are able to generate real results and deliver meaningful, relevant experiences to customers ‘in-the-moment.’

In this upcoming webinar, we will discuss how organizations can leverage their first-party data to build integrated, cross-channel personalization strategies that can deliver more value for both customers and the business.

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  • The 6 stages of personalization
  • The integral role of data orchestration in the digital transformational journey
  • The main barriers and challenges preventing organizations from delivering results through personalization
  • How to put together technology, strategy, people, and content in order to build a robust personalization strategy