Preparing for a Cookie-less Future and the move to GA4

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As eConsultancy reports, only 36% of marketers feel they have a good handle on what a cookie-less future will look like.

Do you ask yourself questions such as, how can we reduce the impact of losing third-party cookies and our ability to understand customers, target prospects and unlock new consumer experiences? You aren’t alone!

Additionally, with Google Universal Analytics being phased out from July 2023 to October 2023, a different data model will mean a total re-implementation. Not only will this provide an opportunity to re-evaluate your current data strategy and your data collection methods, but preparing for these changes now will improve the value data analytics, without a doubt, brings to your organisation.

Join us for a panel discussion with New LookSelfridges and DMPG as we dive into their perspectives on how to manage these impending changes and how they are navigating a Cookie-less Future and the move to GA4!

  • Hear how organisations are leveraging their first-party data to optimise work with walled gardens, take a spin with contextual advertising, drive real-time engagement, and accurately measure their campaigns
  • Understand how brands are improving conversion measurement: Recover conversions not observed today due to industry limiting factors
  • Find out how much effort & resources will it take re-implement Google Analytics
  • Learn if Server-Side is the right choice for your business and the value it could bring