Tealium + eMarketer: Identity Resolution in the Cookieless World

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In today’s digital world, the way we engage with consumers has changed dramatically. Your customers now expect better personalized experiences than ever before and 72% of consumers even say they will switch brands if those expectations are not met. On top of that, marketers are also having to juggle third-party cookie loss and new data privacy legislation, impacting their ability to identify customers across channels and create a unified view of each customer.

So how do marketers understand who their customers are across all channels and provide them with the best experience possible?

Join us as we talk through the changing customer data landscape and share strategies for creating the data foundation you need to deliver highly personalized experiences. We’ll also cover:

  • The value of a first-party data strategy and how to use first-party data to identify customers across all channels
  • How to access complete customer views without third-party cookies
  • Ways to prioritize customer privacy while still driving personalized digital experiences