The Data Layer: A Catalyst for Digital Transformation

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The Data Layer: A Catalyst for Digital Transformation

Global heads of marketing know that having access to high quality customer data is the key to making strategic business decisions. Data collection affects everything a brand does – from customer experience, applications, reporting, retention, conversions and more. And having a solid and strategic data layer in place has downstream benefits for it all and truly becomes the catalyst for overall business transformation.

Join Tealium and Napkyn Analytics for a discussion on how to standardize data collection by way of a data layer, and how that can be used to drive digital transformation. Watch and learn:

– 6 key ways to use a data layer to drive digital transformation and evolve your martech stack to deploy data-driven marketing techniques of the future

– Top strategies for data preparedness with all of your brand’s digital assets to ensure they’re governed and comply with business critical requirements like GDPR

– 2 next-generation data layer concepts to implement to stay ahead of the competition

– And so much more!