The Power of CTO and CMO Collaboration with ScrewFix

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Join Tealium Founder and CTO, Mike Anderson and Screwfix Technology Director (and CIO 100 Award Winner 2022) Nick Burton over a fireside chat on the power of the CMO/CTO relationship and deep diving into understanding what you are hyper-focused on In this current economic environment as a CTO.

Join us and gain insight to:

  • How can technology align IT and Marketing teams’ goals to unlock the value of the wealth of data held by an organisation?
  • What role does the CMO play in governance, and how does it impact the CIO and CTO’s responsibilities? How does the CMO’s knowledge of customer needs and preferences impact the build vs buy decision-making process?
  • Where does a CDP fit in the overall data architecture and how does it interact with the other components of the data ecosystem?
  • What are the key differences between a CDP and the other data platforms that CIO/CTOs are responsible for?
  • How can a CMO collaborate and align with the CTO and their team to successfully integrate marketing projects into the technology roadmap?