The Power of Data & Personalization: Understanding Your Customers’ “Why”

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The Power of Data & Personalization: Understanding Your Customers’ “Why”

In a world where customer brand loyalty is highly dynamic and often fleeting, the key to successfully winning, serving and retaining customers and their loyalty requires delivering unprecedented relevancy in the buyer’s journey with the brand. Brands often find themselves with a disconnect between strategy and activation, using out-of-touch methods for personalization strategies and challenged with the heavy lifting of creating contextually-relevant and connected experiences that add perceivable value to the path to purchase.

In this keynote session, data and CX experts from Wunderman Thompson will discuss what today’s marketers need to know to establish powerful (or meaningful) differentiation through data-led, individualized experiences to drive growth. Proven strategies which will include:

  • Why companies today must work through these key fundamentals of audience strategy to enable more relevant personalization to deliver incredible customer experiences
  • How data is the north star to digital transformation and growth
  • How leading companies are embracing 1st party, 2nd, and 3rd party data to power the customer experience through all stages of the funnel
  • Why the prerequisite for 2020 and beyond means adopting a personalization strategy that is data-led, cloud enabled and delivers individualized motivationally powered personal experiences, harmonized across customer touch points