Dude, What About My DMP? Thinking About Data Post Third-Party Cookie

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Episode 2 of our Masterclass Series on Preparing for Life Beyond the Third-Party Cookie

So you’ve relied on your data management platform (DMP) for the last decade to build audiences as well as to measure and run campaigns. What now? If you are feeling lost — let us tell you that you aren’t alone.

As eConsultancy reports, only 36 percent of marketers feel they have a good handle on what a cookieless future will look like.

In this webinar, we talk about:

  • How to build a first-party lead advertising strategy
  • The key technologies to help you continue to get the data you need to build audiences and active campaigns
  • How to leverage your first-party data to optimize your work with walled gardens, take a spin with contextual advertising, drive real-time engagement, and measure your campaigns