Where brand and data collide – How Network 10 is harnessing data in a privacy led future

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Network 10 is aspiring to become increasingly data-driven in the way decisions are made and business progress is assessed. Network 10 uses Tealium to connect data silos and create a 360-degree view of each user, to create meaningful audience segments in real-time, delivering targeted solutions for advertisers and enabling personalised experiences for consumers. When Network 10 started working with Tealium they were using 2 applications and had a team of 4-5 people, fast-forward to today and they have 20 applications up and running and a team of 10-12 people. What has Network 10 been working on with tealium over the last 12 months that’s new and exciting? Network 10 have built out the team and roles they needed to make their CDP project a success.They have greater coverage and a level of data enrichment on top of their first-party data – that many of our prospects and customers would love to hear and learn more about, especially about staffing a CDP and long term success.