Why Email Marketers Will Inherit the Marketing Landscape

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Why Email Marketers Will Inherit the Marketing Landscape

There’s no disputing that email marketing is an integral part of successful marketing organizations, but as with all marketing channels, it’s no longer enough to be the master of one siloed discipline. Sitting squarely at the intersection of technology, data, and creativity, email marketers are primed to lead the new era of customer engagement and drive true cross-channel marketing.

We’ll start this interactive discussion by exploring the three core strengths of email marketers that are critical to pioneering this new era, including:

– strong experience with handling personally identifiable information
– a keen eye for detail and expectation of operational excellence
– ability to see the whole conversion path

Then, we’ll dive into how these characteristics are essential in overcoming the three key challenges email marketers now face, including:

– the increasing difficulty to identify, reach, and engage new visitors
– the inevitable issue of email fatigue
– the new normal of a non-linear customer journey, due in large part to anonymous research