State of the CDP 2023

How the most innovative brands are using CDPs to deliver cutting edge customer experiences and drive revenue

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State of the CDP 2023

For the fourth edition of our State of the CDP report, we surveyed over 1200 professionals around the world. The responses have revealed that Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have proven critical to organizational growth during demanding times, especially as we see a global tightening of the collective purse strings.

The data shows that CDPs are helping companies navigate economic or industry challenges, recession-proofing the organization and unlocking new opportunities by breaking down internal silos and streamlining customer communications.

Download your copy of the State of the CDP 2023 and discover some of the key findings including:

  • Companies that invest in CDPs vastly outperform those that don’t, and the longer the investment has been in place, the greater the success.
  • Companies with a CDP (93%) are more satisfied with creating relevant customer experiences through their customer data than those without a CDP (49%).
  • 74% of companies with a CDP saw ROI and value within the first year.
  • Companies with a CDP are confident in their CDP’s capabilities to help their organization comply with current privacy regulations (95%) and feel more prepared to adapt to future regulations (93%).