Travelling towards success and avoiding the pot-holes

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Digital Transformation strategies are at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now. Write one, implement one, accelerate one or finish one. This can lead to new technologies stacked up one on top of the other with overlapping or conflicting functionalities which ultimately may just be storing up more problems for the future.

Organisations can get quite far down the digital transformation road without asking themselves the most fundamental question. What do they need this technology to do? What problem does it need to solve?

Johanna Alvarez, Web Analytics, AdTech & Attribution Manager at Barceló Hotel Group and Cristian Ciccioli, Director, Business Relationship Management at Abbott, shared with us their learnings on the challenges a Digital Transformation can face, and strategies to avoid pot-holes.

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  • The essential questions to get your planning off on the right foot
  • How to exceed the skyrocketing expectations of digital transformation 
  • Understanding the indivisible trinomial: Technology, talent, and processes
  • How to measure and define success in a digital transformation project