Consumer Data Right: The New Value Exchange

Unlock the Consent-Based Data Opportunity, with Insights from Tealium and Deloitte’s White Paper

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‘Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.’
– Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web

Privacy and consent market leaders, Tealium and Deloitte, are at the forefront of a new value exchange catalysed by evolving data privacy regulations. As the volume of first-party data is set to exponentially increase, organisations will benefit from fundamentally revising their privacy policies to transform trust into growth in a global digital economy. Securing privacy compliance is now the gateway to customer experience (CX) excellence.

Tealium and Deloitte’s white paper demonstrates the inextricable link between key consumer data rights and the creation of competitive opportunities for brands. Additionally, the white paper highlights the importance of building a consent management architecture that can offset losses in revenue and market share due to ineffective data mobilisation.

Complete the simple form to access Tealium and Deloitte’s white paper, and learn how to propel privacy-first personalisation. Insights include:

  • How to design a data centre of excellence
  • How to create a new value exchange amid a privacy reset
  • How to take advantage of the Consumer Data Right (CDR)-initiated disruptive innovation opportunity
  • How to transform data into a strategic asset held on trust