Customer Data Integration 101

How to Integrate Data from Different Sources Into Your CDP

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It’s no secret that many companies are turning towards a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to connect their data from different sources such as social media clicks, web searches, and even in-person transactions to build complete customer profiles and improve customer experience.

However, in order to get the most out of an investment into a CDP, it is our foundational belief that having a clean, accurate, and high-quality data foundation is critical to ultimate success and ROI.

So where do you begin?

Download our latest guide, Customer Data Integration 101: How to Integrate Data from Different Sources Into Your CDP, to learn how to clarify and select your data sources, harness the power of integrations and how they serve your business, and unify data through a vendor-neutral CDP to elevate your customer experience.

This new guide includes:

  • How to combat third-party cookie loss with a first-party data strategy
  • Things to consider when deciding to build or buy a CDP (and how integrations answer this question)
  • How to maximize your tech stack through vendor integrations
  • 5 questions to ask when defining your consent strategy
  • PLUS: Creative ideas for building a successful value exchange