Customer Data Platforms:
How They Work, What They Solve & Why Everyone Needs To Use One


Today’s customers have been trained by Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and many others to expect personalized experiences and have little tolerance for firms that do it poorly. Quality data is needed to fuel the technologies that power personalization, but assembling that quality data can be hard.

Enter the Customer Data Platform (CDP). As defined by the Customer Data Platform Institute, a CDP is a marketer-managed system that builds a unified and persistent customer database that is accessible to other systems. While they are promising to be faster, easier, cheaper and more flexible than previous solutions – even the most savviest of martech professionals aren’t fully understanding their benefits, capabilities and integration abilities.

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  • 3 main functions of a CDP
  • 8 advantages of using a CDP to assemble customer data
  • 8 common questions about CDPs and their answers
  • Key ways to select and budget for a CDP and more!

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