Digital Data Distribution Platforms in Action

A New Approach for Driving Real-Time Marketing Optimization

Digital Data Distribution Platforms in Action

Executive Summary

Executives and business owners have long been enamored with the goal of having a “360 degree view of the customer”— the Holy Grail of customer analytics, a vessel that would magically enable business decisions, transform marketing models, and drive profits. In recent years, the quest for “whole customer” data has given way to an even more powerful sounding treasure — the use of “big data” to unlock the deepest, darkest secrets of consumer behavior, secrets so deep that no human could hope to discern them without powerful computers and even more powerful algorithms. This quest is so hot right now that Gartner reports that 64% of all businesses will launch or have launched a “big data” initiative by 2015.
Amazing numbers, but there are two problems:

  1. Historically speaking the vast majority of “360 degree view of the customer” data integration projects failed miserably to provide value commensurate to effort, cost, and expectation;
  2. Currently, the majority of companies having or planning “big data” initiatives have yet to determine how said efforts will actually create value for their companies.

The same Gartner report cites that 56% of respondents indicated that…

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