eMarketer Retail Loyalty Programs Report

Strategies to Reward and Retain Customers Through Turbulent Times

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Consumer loyalty continues to diminish amid inflation, with price taking precedence over the brand for many shoppers. As retailers find it more challenging to acquire new customers, loyalty programs take on greater importance—but brands must put value and ease of use front and center to retain existing customers and boost purchase frequency.

Many brands are turning towards high-quality customer data to provide a complete and accurate picture of the customer so they proactively identify and target high-value customers and those at risk for churn.

To help brands and retailers understand how to leverage customer data and other customer loyalty strategies to retain customers through economic turmoil, download eMarketer’s Retail Loyalty Programs Report.

In this guide you’ll find:

  • How brands can adapt, satisfy, and retain consumers through innovative loyalty programs
  • How emerging technologies and gamification trends will reshape loyalty programs
  • The three pillars for boosting consumer engagement with loyalty programs
  • Examples of how brands like Ulta, Target, IKEA, and Delta Airlines execute loyalty programs